What a year it has been! Sometimes you never really do know where life will take you. Let me just start of with saying that my Fiance, and I are from Canada, I grew up in British Columbia, and we have a dog from the Caribbean. Pawprints and Mint is not only about providing pet friendly content because let’s be real here pets are a part of our family, and I can’t wait to share a lot about Bear and his doggy adventures with you as well as tips and pet product reviews! Bear is truly a world traveler and my family gets a kick out of how many places he’s been too (and that list is still growing!) But I also hope to provide insight into what it’s like to be a part of the Medical School journey, to experiencing daily life in different parts of the world from Canada, the Caribbean and yes the U.K, and where we go next!

We also have so many more adventures up ahead, and all of this began when my Fiance applied for Medical School in the Caribbean, and I can’t believe how much traveling is involved because we haven’t even begun clinical rotations yet!

In addition to adjusting to the Medical School journey as a family, moving has become the new normal, and I like considering myself a pro at packing, and setting up temporary homes for wherever we end up! We are in the U.K to wrap up Medical School because we were hit by Hurricane Irma a category 5 hurricane that devastated Sint Marteen the island we were living on at the time for the Fiance’s Medical School. The hurricane’s destruction lead to the entire campus being moved 4000 miles away to the U.K to allow students a place to finish their studies until the AUC campus in Sint Marteen can open again, hence why we’re in England for my Fiance’s last two semesters.

But this blog not only will cover Pet Friendly topics, Medical School musings, or Travel, but Lifestyle related posts as well, So stay tuned, and don’t forget to subscribe.



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