Bear isn’t your ordinary dog!

Bear is a highly active shepherd/ lab mix who was born at the Mullet Bay golf course on the Caribbean island of Sint Marteens to feral dogs! Bear made his way into our home during my Fiance’s Medical School journey, where we adopted him from the Organization SXM paws, an organization run by the incredible Corinne Mackie.

Bear became a “traveling dog” at the age of three months, when we decided to go home to British Columbia, Canada for the holidays to have him meet our family. This is the first time when Bear encountered snow, right at the Toronto airport. The snow triggered his “puppy crazies”, this was all too new from what he knew in Sint Marteens with it’s endless beaches and sand. Once back in Sint Marteens we began taking Bear on hikes, which is an activity he enjoys. So far he’s hiked Anse Marcel, and Guana Bay. Bear’s other favorite activities on the island included pup playdates especially with his husky girlfreinds (Skye and Marley), and playing chase with Savannah, a fellow island dog. He also enjoyed running off leash at the various beaches, going for hour long walks, and endless hours of playtime with his favorite game of tug.

But, our time on Sint Marteens was cut short, when Hurricane Irma hit our island home directly! This lead to a lot of unforgettable experiences, but from the very beginning we knew we would not leave the island unless Bear could come with us. One of our only options to get off Sint Marteens with Bear was to take a treacherous journey by fishing boat to the island of St. Kitts & Nevis. Bear sat still the entire time, even while being drenched in Ocean water for 5 hours! We then were able to take a chartered flight with other students and 50 pets to Chicago Illinois. Bear slept on the entire flight, you could tell that he was pooped from the previous days ocean adventure. From chicago we ended up in St Charles, before receiving the news that our campus would be relocated to the U.K. (temporarily) and we had a few weeks to make the U.K into our new home, with Bear! So we quickly trvaeled back to British Columbia, Canada and that’s when we really had to scramble to make sure Bear would meet all of the Entry requirements for when we would arrive in the United Kingdom. Not to mention that he even has his own rain poncho now πŸ˜‰

Other than being a world traveler, Bear can make you smile with his antics! And from time to time you can catch him fast asleep with part of his tongue sticking out. He is obsessed with a good game of tug, and is particular about his dog toys! Currently he’s learning to play “football” dog style and is quite the ball hog! Plus he has no shame with bringing home sticks, or forgotten toy balls left in the park. He is also super adorable and we couldn’t imagine our life without him, and I hope you guys will love getting to know more about him, reading funny stories about him, and taking a look at some of his “reviews” on all things dog-related from toys to treats.


M & Bear