Exploring Fort St. Louis

Whenever my Fiance had a semester break we would often explore Saint Martin, usually favouing the French side of the island for its beaches! But there was a historical site that I came to love that was located in Marigot (Capital of French Saint Martin), the Fort Of St.Louis. Now I know what you’re thinking, (more…)

Floppy Knots Elephant By Kong

Hello Lovelies! Bear is the type of dog who has preferences when it comes to his tug toys, you see you can’t just give him any ole toy and expect to see his little eyes fill with uncontrolled excitement! However, the moment he set his sights on the Floppy Knots Elephant toy by Kong (more…)

Ted Baker’s Lip Tint Trio

Hello lovelies and Happy Winter! I still can’t believe that I’m living in the U.K, and I must admit that I’m going a little crazy over here with all the products and clothing. I love discovering new brands, and having an opportunity to buy them, especially when they’re on sale! I’m all about those bargains while looking glam. (more…)

La Belle Creole

Before Hurricane Irma hit the island of Sint Marteens I had the opportunity to visit an abandoned hotel known as la Belle Creole with my friends from AUC (Other spouses of future doctors). Abandoned hotels seem to invoke thoughts of ghosts and all things that go bump in the night. (more…)

What I Brought In My Travel Tote

Before my Fiance, bear and I made our way to the U.K we were able to enjoy some time at home with our family, and that time at home allowed me the opportunity to also do a little bit of shopping. I decided to look for a tote for the upcoming adventure to the U.K. Not only did Bear and I have a 9 hour flight to get through, (more…)

The Fosinz Outdoor Dog Backpack Review

As much as I’d loveeee to say that I get to test out cool products, it’s Bear who gets to have all the fun and glory! A while ago we made a purchase that included a lot of items for our fur baby to enjoy, ranging from toys, chews and this Fosinz outdoor backpack that’s up for review! (more…)

What To Do When Your Puppy Is Teething

This is one of those periods when you’ll notice your pup is extra chompy since their adult teeth are slowly coming in. Teething can be the time when if you’re not careful, you can lose your favourite pair of shoes or find bite marks in your furniture. However, I’ve learned along the way what works and what doesn’t. (more…)

How To Stop Your Puppy From Biting You

Ah, the puppy biting phase, where your sweet, bundle of fluff has turned into a land shark that would make even Jaws himself proud. Puppy biting is the phase that I thought would never end when our puppy Bear went through it. It was awful, he hated when I’d wear leggings, my sneakers, (more…)

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