Why I Quit Fashion Blogging

I hope this post will not discourage anyone from creating a fashion blog, because that’s not my intention, nor is it to bash fashion bloggers, because I thoroughly enjoy reading their posts, and being inspired by their style. When I created my first wordpress blog, (more…)

Hiking With Our Dog Bear

There is something satisfying about hiking with your dog, It’s the smile they put on your face when you watch them run about freely, off leash looking completely happy, and free. Bear is at his happiest when he gets to run, he’s so fast that sometimes I wonder if he is part greyhound, or horse! His tongue lolls out of his mouth as he bounds up hills, (more…)

Living Abroad For The First Time

Sometimes I feel like my lifestyle has a mind of its own taking me to places I never could have imagined. Before the Caribbean, and before coming to the U.K, I considered myself well traveled, well enough to say the least. (more…)

New & Old Traditions

This will be the first Christmas that I’ve ever spent away from home. The year before we made the trek from Sint Marteen’s to British Columbia braving an overnight layover, two flights, and delays from a snow storm (more…)

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