Superpet Warehouse Haul

Yesterday we ended up taking Bear to his favourite park in the area where he yet again got to run around for hours, followed by a long walk to the pet store. Bear was so well behaved in the store, even when presented with the opportunity to choose a new chew he decided (more…)

Our Upcoming Vacation Within A Vacation

I’m so excited to announce that my Fiancé is in the home-stretch of completing the school portion of Medical School, and next semester he will be a 5th .That also means that he will be finished in April, and that time is flying by even with all the hurdles life has been throwing at us. (more…)

Raising Dogs & Cats Together

Our apartment in Cupecoy, Sint Marteen had close to 10 resident cats who would hang around the property, usually looking for food and attention. One day I was tasked with the job of feeding the cats daily on behalf of SXM paws, the organization that would lead me and my Fiancé to adopting (more…)

7th Heaven Face Masks Review

Hello everyone, welcome to 2018!! Some days I feel like I don’t have time for myself between Bear and housework alone. And on the days when I get to wash my hair when I want to, it feels like a luxury. Time management isn’t something I’m always great with, (more…)

Easy Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Here’s another Blogmas post, who else is in the holiday mood? I’m so excited for Christmas that I’ve already started to kick off the preparations for our Christmas dinner. I love trying to make home made foods, and baked goods that I’m often trying to challenge (more…)

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