Spences Bridge

Hello, Lovelies! As some of you may have noticed by looking on my Instagram account and from my last post about White Water Rafting the Thompson River; my husband, Bear and I travelled to BC’s canyon region to celebrate my husband’s (more…)

Dog Friendly Places: France

Hello, Lovelies! Today I want to kick-off a travel-related series with posts on dog-friendly places! I’ve been wanting to start this series for a while, but it wasn’t until today’s comment on my latest travel post asking about whether Montreal is a (more…)

SXM’s Fort Amsterdam

During my Fiancé’s third semester break from Medical School we decided to do some exploring of the island we called home for the past year. This was the time when we could enjoy the island together as a couple and take advantage of the (more…)

12 Helpful Travel Tips

I’ve been on one too many flights within a years span and I have a few key travel tips for making a flight, no matter the duration a little bit more enjoyable, as well as comfortable.I don’t know what it is about traveling but it is always the most tiring of experiences, even when you’re doing absolutely nothing for hours on end, like sitting there in that tiny and miserable seat.  (more…)

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