Pet Friendly

Making Home Made Dog Treats For Bear

Bear is one of my toughest critics, for starters he isn’t a dog who is a fan of the usual things a lot of dogs out there seem to love. Peanut butter is a no go, he isn’t always a fan of cheese, Bacon doesn’t interest him, and well dog cookies are always a no with him. (more…)

Superpet Warehouse Haul

Yesterday we ended up taking Bear to his favourite park in the area where he yet again got to run around for hours, followed by a long walk to the pet store. Bear was so well behaved in the store, even when presented with the opportunity to choose a new chew he decided (more…)

Raising Dogs & Cats Together

Our apartment in Cupecoy, Sint Marteen had close to 10 resident cats who would hang around the property, usually looking for food and attention. One day I was tasked with the job of feeding the cats daily on behalf of SXM paws, the organization that would lead me and my Fiancé to adopting (more…)

Hiking With Our Dog Bear

There is something satisfying about hiking with your dog, It’s the smile they put on your face when you watch them run about freely, off leash looking completely happy, and free. Bear is at his happiest when he gets to run, he’s so fast that sometimes I wonder if he is part greyhound, or horse! His tongue lolls out of his mouth as he bounds up hills, (more…)

Floppy Knots Elephant By Kong

Hello Lovelies! Bear is the type of dog who has preferences when it comes to his tug toys, you see you can’t just give him any ole toy and expect to see his little eyes fill with uncontrolled excitement! However, the moment he set his sights on the Floppy Knots Elephant toy by Kong (more…)

The Fosinz Outdoor Dog Backpack Review

As much as I’d loveeee to say that I get to test out cool products, it’s Bear who gets to have all the fun and glory! A while ago we made a purchase that included a lot of items for our fur baby to enjoy, ranging from toys, chews and this Fosinz outdoor backpack that’s up for review! (more…)

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