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Who Are Bear’s Parents?

Hello, Lovelies! Today’s post is all about Bear’s parents! I know some of you may be thinking “How do you know who Bear’s real parents are?”. Because 1). We adopted Bear and 2). Bear was found on the Mullet Bay golf course in Sint Marteen as a puppy. I know that not every person who adopts a dog (more…)

A Weekend Outing With Bear

Hey, Everyone! This morning I took Bear out for his usual morning business and ended up running into a few chatty people here and there. One man began a conversation about his beloved Boxer who recently passed away, while another man tried to mock Bear. (more…)

Spoil Your Dog Challenge!

Hello, Lovelies! There is something that I love to do for Bear and that is providing him with an entire day of fun, and finding ways to spoil him! I always want to make sure that Bear has memorable and fun days. Sometimes I miss our Caribbean lifestyle and being able to (more…)

Happy Easter From M & Bear

Hey Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter long weekend! I Spent the holiday taking Bear on long walks and teaching him a new trick. The new trick is having Bear put away his doggie-toys on command. I find this trick to be helpful (more…)

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