Makeup Products For Valentine’s Day

Hey Lovelies, even though this Valentine’s Day I will not be able to spend it in person with my fiance, but I still can’t help myself from writing about a few makeup products that I brought home from Paris, and a product I got a hold of in Canada that I’m obsessing over. These products are (more…)

7th Heaven Face Masks Review

Hello everyone, welcome to 2018!! Some days I feel like I don’t have time for myself between Bear and housework alone. And on the days when I get to wash my hair when I want to, it feels like a luxury. Time management isn’t something I’m always great with, (more…)

Happy Blogmas

I keep seeing posts everywhere dedicated to Blogmas, and decided that today would be the day that I participate in the WordPress celebrations. I do fancy the idea of writing about things related to Christmas and the holidays, (more…)

Why I Quit Fashion Blogging

I hope this post will not discourage anyone from creating a fashion blog, because that’s not my intention, nor is it to bash fashion bloggers, because I thoroughly enjoy reading their posts, and being inspired by their style. When I created my first wordpress blog, (more…)

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