I’ve been on one too many flights within a years span and I have a few key travel tips for making a flight, no matter the duration a little bit more enjoyable, as well as comfortable.I don’t know what it is about traveling but it is always the most tiring of experiences, even when you’re doing absolutely nothing for hours on end, like sitting there in that tiny and miserable seat.  I’m the type of person who has spent a few overnights in airports due to weather delays,or long layovers. I’m not a true jet setter but I know what it’s like to have to be on at least 3 different plane rides to get to just one destination; and trust me those moments make flights to London feel like a breeze. So if you’re looking for ideas on how to pass the time, or to be comfortable during any long journey, and are interested in some helpful travel tips just keep reading


Stay Hydrated

This is a crucial tip that you cannot ignore, and it’s important that you drink enough water because traveling will exhaust you. On my last flight that took me from Paris to Montreal and then Montreal to Vancouver I ignored this crucial step and was close to passing out after being severely dehydrated. I made sure to buy a water bottle before my second flight and drink all of the water, and on board I always ask the flight attendants politely for water. I’m not sure what it is about traveling but it can leave you exhausted and thirsty if you’re not careful


If Your Ears Hurt During Take Off And Landing You Should

I have an issue with takeoff and landings when it comes to my ears and prior to learning this one simple trick my ears would be in so much pain, and they could not “pop” on their own and had difficulty adjusting to elevation. I tried so many methods from chewing gum, drinking water, yawning, to even wearing ear planes however what worked for me was learning how to do the Valsalva Maneuver. My ears no longer cause me severe pain while flying, I do not have to worry about a ruptured eardrum and I do not have to wait uncomfortably for my ears to finally pop. So, if you have experienced ear pain while flying and it was unbearable, or know someone else who does have this issue ( like children, a family member etc) recommend this as it is effective.


Eat Slowly

This tip is a way to kill time while in the air, and food is a great distraction and will help to pass the time. I always eat food slowly to begin with, and if you have some Netflix shows pre-downloaded you can binge eat while pretending to savor that airplane food in front of you.


Bring Your Laptop

This is a tip that is effective at passing the hours while in the air, on my flight to London I brought along my laptop with downloaded movies and shows from Netflix.Sometimes the shows and movies on board just don’t cut it and you’re not going to be all that invested in them and will lead to boredom. I think I binge watched Riverdale and before no time I was back on the ground again. And, I also loved the time when we were given free internet while flying, this also passed the time and I enjoyed being able to FaceTime home to my parents while in the air.


Don’t Over pack

I’m a minimalist when it comes to packing, and what’s more is that I do not enjoy lugging around a heavy luggage. I usually will only have 1 luggage and 1 personal item that contains all of my important documents, money, extra articles of clothing ( in case my luggage goes missing), a laptop and other electronics I don’t wan to leave in my luggage.

Walk Around

Don’t forget to also get up and move around for a while to help with blood circulation, since it isn’t healthy to remain seated for so long. This will also help you do what you need to do and that is pass the time.

Bring Your Own Snacks

While following the strict security rules you should bring along snacks, or buy food to bring on board once you clear security in case your flight does not provide you with a meal, or you are left unsatisfied from the airlines “dinner” or “lunch” provided.

Bring A Book

This is another thing you can bring along to keep yourself entertained whether it’s a real paperback novel, or an E reader, having something that you enjoy with you while you’re stuck in a cramped seat can make all the difference. It also might help to bring earplugs along too in case your neighbor snores, or your airplanes engines are too noisy.

Invest In Travel insurance

For every one of my trips I always make sure to invest in travel insurance because I always like to be better safe than sorry!

Challenge Yourself To Learn the Language Of Your Destination

This is something that is so helpful when traveling abroad and that is familiarizing yourself with keywords and phrases in another language to help you out just in case you need assistance. You can also rely on google translate too in case you didn’t bother with this tip in the first place!

Photograph Your Luggage

This is another way to help you find your luggage if it does go missing, as well as writing on a piece of paper with your contact details and leaving it inside your luggage just in case your luggage tags come off.

Be Polite To The Aircraft’s Staff

Honestly this is one of the most important tips and that is to always be polite to the Flight Attendants, and clean up after yourself! i always seem to have one large bag on me whether I got it from some duty free shopping and I do collect any garbage, or tidy up any messes that me or even Bear makes while in cabin (usually we have too many bully stick wrappers and empty treat bags that need to be thrown out at the end of a trip). And make sure to also thank your pilot at the end of the trip!



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