Hey lovelies, this post is in a way related to that Valentine’s day theme I’ve been going for this month on my blog. I know we always put emphasis on giving those who we love gifts on Valentine’s day or going out on romantic dates, but I believe we should also be giving our own selves some TLC too, and that’s why I wan to dedicate this post to healthier habits. So yes, I love talking about this topic of making healthier choices, to what works for finding the motivation to workout. Even when you have those moments when you can’t find the energy to even do a fitness routine for the day, I have a few tips and some advice that has helped me stay active and commit to healthier eating habits. Obviously, fitness and eating better go hand in hand and the two will honestly work on your behalf to help you get to your goals faster. Keep in mind this is a long process that takes dedication and consistency. So, yes adapting to healthier habits does take time and it’s not an overnight success story. It’s normal to have days when you eat poorly, or are struggling to attain your fitness goals, the point is to keep going and not let a bad day sabotage all the weeks of hard work you’ve put in, or don’t let one bad day make you feel bad because that will sabotage your success and committing to healthier choices and habits in the long run.

But before I get into all of my tips and tricks for motivating you to be healthy, I also want to start with saying that before you even consider starting the day with eating well or going for a run, assess yourself in areas of what you want such as your goals and expectations, know and learn what your body wants and needs, what you can do in this moment to make one small step that would be healthy, and to adapt to a new point of view that has you feeling like your workouts and fitness routines aren’t “work” but a fun activity for the day instead. As well as being realistic with your goals which is important for being a healthier and happier you.


How to get into the habit of working out

This can be a gradual process in the beginning, so I always advise (and this works for myself) to start off slow, so begin finding some time to at least do a few workouts moves. I always gravitate towards doing kettle bell squats after my morning walks with Bear. For example, even if that very first day when you are starting your fitness path it’s okay to just do 10 squats, those 10 squats may not do much for that day as in burning calories or building muscle and strength, but those 10 squats will lead to motivation for you to do more the next time you workout. You can also take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with proper form to avoid injury and make sure you’re completely benefiting from the moves you’re doing. So start off slow, and get those muscles adjusted to new moves and a range of motion. And say if you have committed to long term workouts and you are struggling one day to do some simple moves try to do a few and if you’re still feeling unmotivated, wait a bit and go back to your workout and usually those few moves you did earlier will feel like a challenge you need to complete and get you back on track.


Developing better eating habits

When you eat well it helps change your demeanor towards working out! These two habits work in your favour when used together. Not only will eating healthy make you feel better and make you a healthier individual overall but is the key to keeping you motivated. Healthy food has a positive effect on us that contributes to higher energy levels that will help you do longer or more intense workouts. If you feel good, you’ll want to workout more often. I know on days when I’ve eaten badly by over indulging with potato chips it can have a poor effect on my workouts, I feel sloppy and a little less motivated to workout. And try to also increase your protein consumption too!


Finding time and sticking to a consistent schedule

Being consistent with everything you do is the key to success with fitness, so aim for at least 3-4 workouts per week that include weight lifting for your body. Have a leg day, a back and arm day, a day for chest etc., and have rest days in between. On your off days you can even do cardio. But start off small with your workouts, commit to weights and then start adding in cardio to mix it up as our bodies can adjust to our workouts- for an example. So, take time to plan a schedule, know your rest days, plan what moves you’ll be doing in advance and that will help you be consistent.


Keep track of what you do

I love keeping track of my workouts I feel like it helps motivate me to stay on the right path and helps determine what I need to do differently each week. I also enjoy looking back on my progress because this also helps keep you motivated! So I love keeping track of things in the old fashioned way, I recently bought one of those massive calendars and I usually will fill out the day with what workouts I did, as well as when I am working out I like to keep track of the reps I did, the moves and weight used with an erasable whiteboard, or a notebook.


Portion control

This is also another key to being fit and healthy and that is portion control! This also reminds me of when my Fiancé participated in community action day by volunteering for blood glucose screenings/ diabetes awareness and he had to discuss portion control as well. In the Caribbean people will try to skirt around portion control, so say if you showed them on a plate how much of each item they should eat and what’s the appropriate portion sizes they will honestly pile the food upwards. So take that example as something that would not benefit you, but hinder your progress, and is the not the correct way to utilize portion control.


Hiking With your dog is another great activity to try! And your fur baby will love it too. Photo taken at Guana bay, Philipsburg Sint Marteen with Bear and my Fiance.



Other tips that are helpful to maintaining these healthy habits are:

  • Have breakfast! On days when I can’t find the time to cook up a breakfast I love to have a protein shake to start off my morning, and sometimes if I have more time I love making a protein smoothie with vegetables and fruits. I will be providing smoothie recipes in the future!
  • Drink plenty of water (which you can switch this up by adding some real lemon into your water) or drinking infusion water with fruits and mint!
  • Curb cravings by drinking Tea if they stem from boredom or try putting your focus on something else to get your mind off of wanting to indulge in eating something bad.
  • Buy yourself a sexy new workout outfit! ( this can help also you want to workout even more)
  • Treat yourself as well, so yes you can have junk food occasionally!
  • Aim for a minimum of 10 minutes of activity at least every day. So even if you aren’t doing a full workout, and can’t find the time, try to do something that will get your heart rate up for 10 minutes and that will also help you keep your goals on track!
  • Try out a new activity weekly, including hiking with your dog, or dancing. Any type of movement is good for you.


I hope you guys loved these tips and tricks to being a healthier you!


M & Bear

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