Bear is one of my toughest critics, for starters he isn’t a dog who is a fan of the usual things a lot of dogs out there seem to love. Peanut butter is a no go, he isn’t always a fan of cheese, Bacon doesn’t interest him, and well dog cookies are always a no with him. I used to make dog cookies while we lived in Sint Marteen because dog food and treats are so expensive, and the island lacks a lot of dog products. At the time I would use chicken broth instead of water for dog cookie baking, but even then, he would give me the cold shoulder while everyone’s dogs who had the treats went crazy for them.I would spend hours sifting for recipes, and coming up with ideas and tricks to have bear fall in love with the dog cookies I baked for him, including making the famous “Mutter butter” dog cookies that three dog bakery makes in Vancouver. I would then stick to boiled chicken breast for Bear or order dehydrated duck hearts from Amazon, since chicken breast spoiled easily in the Caribbean heat on our walks.


Bear really loves treats that are just made of meat this includes bully sticks, or other tendon like chews. He loves dehydrated meats- and well anything meaty he is an instant fan. However, I’m not always a fan of buying him freeze dried snacks because of the cost! So, I’m working on buying organ meat for my own DIY doggie treats that I know Bear will go crazy over. I also love using these treats when I’m training Bear, as I’m a fan of positive reinforcement.

Bear Trying To Sneak A treat

I’m currently trying to break Bear of some of his naughty habits while on his walks, and I like to use: cooked chicken hearts as his reward. I’m also trying to dehydrate the chicken hearts the best I can since my last batch, when I went to go cut them up into pieces were a little bloody and it grossed me out, while Bear found them absolutely tasty. Somehow whenever I cook organ meat Bear seems to know when a treat is meant for him. I took some photos of him trying to reward himself! And, once I perfect my recipe I will be dedicating a post to it and please let me know what treats your doggies love !!


M & Bear

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