Hey Lovely readers! It’s finally February and that kicks off the month of love! Since we’re now in the month that contains Valentine’s day I’m in the mood to write about topics with the centralized theme of love, romance, and relationships. Now this post is going to be story-time about the time my Fiancé proposed to me!

How My Fiancé Proposed(1)

Way back when, before we even began the Medical School journey as a couple, my Fiancé ended up booking a trip to Montreal Quebec for his cousin’s babies baptism. He invited me along on the trip, and I was so just so thrilled that we would be able to go on an important trip that would give me the opportunity to not only be a part of his cousin’s babies baptism, but to meet more of his extended family.

Now, before the trip I can honestly say that I had no idea that my now Fiancé had this elaborate plan to propose to me. The only indicator that I had was when he took me to a kiosk in the mall to measure my ring finger out of “curiosity”. To be honest I didn’t suspect a thing because he hadn’t given me any clues prior to that incident at the mall kiosk, and I didn’t think that was meant for sizing my finger for THE ring. Not only that but I was so distracted with the upcoming trip to Montreal.

Whenever I’m on a trip I’m the type of person who has to get up early just to take full advantage of exploring a new place, I love taking in all the sights, as well as enjoying the local cuisine!  On the day when I was about to be proposed to, I remember being so excited and impatient with my Fiancé because he was taking his time to wake up! And when he finally did wake up, I began to do my makeup and chose my outfit for the day because I wanted us to get cute photos together. I remember him telling me to take my time and to dress up reaaal nice, because he was going to take me out to explore Montreal, and places that I would love.

The first place my Fiancé took me was to a Museum that had a lot of first nations artifacts, and history about Montreal, and Quebec. I love being able to go to museums just because it’s nice to learn about a cities history- especially when it was our first time exploring Montreal. He then took me to a place that he knew I was so excited to see and that was to the famous Notre dame cathedral. A place where Celine Dion got married! Yep, I’m a Celine fan and proud to admit it! I always love going to old cathedrals and I have this tradition that I started I on my first trip to Europe to light candles in cathedrals (from the Vatican to St. Stephens) for my family and loved ones who are no longer with us, especially for my grandmother who passed away when I was young.

So of course, I was so excited to see the inside of this cathedral, not knowing what to expect, and was just blown away with how decorated and elaborate the cathedral is. We took our time exploring the inside and taking photos – everything is so full of detail from the wooden staircase, to the ceiling that reminded me of a starry night sky. When we were done with exploring inside of the Cathedral, and after my Fiancé had me face time my parents to show them what Notre Dame looked like, we stepped outside to take photos. I also kept catching my Fiancé sneakily talking on the phone, and in one photo that I captured (which I looked back on after the proposal) is of my Fiancé saying to his brother “this is the moment”, he even has his mouth covered in the photo which I’m guessing was to make sure his proposal would be a surprise, and I wouldn’t suspect a thing.

When we were outside my Fiancé told me that his brother had volunteered to take photos of us for memories and that we’d have to wait for him to arrive. And, when he did arrive I remember that his brother was distracting me by telling me where to stand for the perfect photo, and I thought he was taking photos, but he was secretly recording everything that was about to unfold. While I was distracted, my Fiancé was able to get on one knee and propose to me in front of the crowds of people who began to cheer and yell out “say yes”, and while my Fiancé asked me “will you marry me?” after a romantic speech, I of course said Yes!!!

Couldn’t stop admiring my ring!!

And that is the story of how my incredible Fiancé proposed to me! I hope you all have a lovely month and that you take this time to remember to appreciate the loved ones in your life.


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