Hey Lovelies, even though this Valentine’s Day I will not be able to spend it in person with my fiance, but I still can’t help myself from writing about a few makeup products that I brought home from Paris, and a product I got a hold of in Canada that I’m obsessing over. These products are honestly great to have at your disposal to use for a lovely evening out with the one you adore or in my case for Skype dates! and trust me they will be swooning at the sight of you.  I love these makeup products as they really help with a natural look for anyone who likes to look glam without all that makeup layering on their face. I’m really into taking care of my skin, so I’m the type who doesn’t enjoy masking my face with too much makeup. Well, unless I’m going to an event that will involve a lot of photography then I really will glam it up to the fullest. (And these makeup products will also work for that as well too)  

Urban Decay’s Naked Flushed palette in the colour Naked

This palette has so many great reviews, it is a portable compact that includes a Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush. I used to adore Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess bronzer, and originally was going to re-purchase but I didn’t feel like spending $51.00 on a bronzer, while I also needed a new blush. I was able to score this palette for $28.00 CAD, and it originally retails for about $35.00 CAD. I must confess that I was able to get my mom to come out with me and it was senior’s day at Shoppers and I had her purchase this for me, so I could get it on sale! So, if you’re looking for a beauty bargain this is another reason why you should shop with your mom, they not only have good style sense, but can sometimes get you a discount on beauty products. The palette I picked out has a dusty rose like blush colours, the bronzer doesn’t come off as orange on paler skin tones. This palette really brightens up my face, and adds warmth to my skin tone and just overall compliments my skin. I love that this product blends easily, and you’re getting three in one- so not a bad deal and you can mix all three colours to give yourself more a glowy and dewy look that is not over-the top, unless you want it to be. I will most likely be looking to purchase more items from Urban Decay in the future because I’m now a fan.


Dior: Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer (Glow Addict) in 002/ Holo Gold

This is a highlighter that I purchased while being in a bad state of mind, waiting to come home from the Paris airport. I do not recommend shopping while you’re upset! This is a highlighter that has gained popularity on YouTube, lots of vloggers have reviewed it. It is what it is, it’s a highlighter that comes in the classic and beautiful Dior packaging. The highlighter is lovely on, especially in the colour Holo Gold which looks more natural to compliment your makeup. French makeup brands really know how to enhance an individual’s beauty and look, as Giorgio Armani once said makeup should enhance your features. (yes I know he’s Italian, not French.. but that quote works!) I do use this highlighter daily, mostly down my nose, and a tiny amount on my upper cheeks, or on my eyelids. This product also comes with a mini brush, and some velvet travel pouch for the Highlighter.

Dior: Sourcils Poudre ( Powder Eyebrow Pencil) in 593 Brown

This is yet again another French made purchase, this is just an eyebrow pencil that I have recently come to love. I’m always looking for one to replace my Estee Lauder brow pencil since it’s so unfriendly to my eyebrow hairs, it seems to pull them out which is not what I want! This pencil comes with a spoolie on the end, and this spoolie is amazing for blending and providing a more natural finish to your eyebrows. The formula of the pencil is also wonderful too and goes on easily even with slight pressure. This also comes with a pencil sharpener.


Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation aka Teint Effect Flouteur/ Smooth effect makeup with SPF 15.

This foundation does what it says, it has a velvety finish on your skin. However, if you have dry skin I do not recommend this at all. It is probably good if you’re somewhere humid, it does have that spf, but once again if your skin is too dry it will cling onto the dry bits and make your skin look worse off. Initially when you put this on it does feel lovely on your skin, and I didn’t find the smell to be bad either. I will be testing this product out in the future and maybe try it with a setting spray or a more moisturizing product on my face. When my skin is moisturized properly I really love what this foundation does. It can be light, or layered. If you’re looking for something to combat greasy skin, and has a natural feel this foundation is for you!

L’oreal Nail Polish in 114 Nude Demoiselle

I usually end up picking out nail polish that looks great with my engagement ring! This is a nail polish that comes off as subtle with it’s pinkish nude colour. The colour looks great on your finger if you want to wear something that looks good with your engagement or wedding rings, or well just about any white gold/ platinum rings you’re rocking on your finger that day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m wishing you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!



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