Well I had no idea how to start the next blog post after what happened back in January. It’s been tough attempting to write while thinking about how can I even resume the usual blog posts after my story involving a not very nice Border Force agent in the U.K.    (Why Being Detained In The U.K. Made Me Wish I Was Megan Markle)

Bear in France

So, to bridge the blog posts gaps I’m choosing to move forward and only focus my attention on the positive. Currently Bear and I are in back in Canada, and I’m on my second cold within a month thanks to all the plane rides that probably wrecked havoc on my immune system, which it is kind of funny to be reaching for the tissues all over again. A cold in hindsight isn’t all that bad, it’s not like the man flu. Bear is also once again on a new dog food, but I made sure this brand is found throughout North America, so he won’t have to be switched onto a new dog food anytime soon. Bear even has a new toy that is meant for dogs who love to chew, so keep an eye out for the review as Bear is still putting his new toy to the test.

I have so many things to be thankful for, and I’m a lucky individual to have an amazing and handsome Fiancé, a cute dog and a family who supports and loves us. For that I’m grateful. After experiencing a string of bad luck in a short span of time, those moments shape your thoughts and remind you of the truly important things in life. Those moments also teach you that you can do anything, and not even bad luck will make you want to give up, but to push forward in life instead.

So many of us encounter that bad luck, but the best thing about life is that it isn’t static. And, that bad luck can easily fade as a new life event happens to make you forget that something not so desirable took place. So yes, this is one of the shortest posts I’m putting out there, and maybe these positive thoughts can brighten your day, even If you feel as if a cloud is looming overhead.

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M & Bear

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