Yesterday we ended up taking Bear to his favourite park in the area where he yet again got to run around for hours, followed by a long walk to the pet store. Bear was so well behaved in the store, even when presented with the opportunity to choose a new chew he decided sniffing was enough and let us pick out treats for him. On the way home he kept trying to get whatever it was in the shopping bag by walking excitedly and trying to put his face in the bag, while giving off a lot of tail wags to show off how excited he was because he knew we had bought items just for him. I think it’s just so funny how dogs know when we have bought items just for them, they even recognize what their treat packaging looks like. And, I know this post may be a little different since haul posts are usually reserved for buying makeup products or clothing, but let’s be real here pet owners do hauls too.

Anyways I don’t know about you but one of my favourite places to shop asides from clothing stores is the pet store. Whether we’re in Canada, Sint Marteen or the U.K., any time that we venture off to pick out new items for Bear it’s always an enjoyable experience. One of the pet stores in the U.K. is called Superpet Warehouse this so far is the only pet store I’ve been too over here, but they remind me of some of the pet stores back home. Because 1) Bear is always welcome in the store 2). They always offer him a treat and 3). They have quite a bit of selection of products for dogs, cats and all other types of pets. ( on a side note they do sell Orijen and Acana products which are popular North American brands that are also found in Sint Marteen,  so if your dog loves Orijen or Acana and are going to the U.K. they do carry those two brands.)

Now I do remember reading up a while ago on kibble and dog food in general supplied in the U.K. and one article made it look as if the British do not care about quality products for dogs, and food choices are limited. That’s not true at all, the British do understand that pet food is a booming business, people do want to give their pets quality items, and pets are truly a part of the family. Finding quality products in the U.K. is not as bad as what some articles out there suggest, there are options over here. To be honest Bear has sampled quite a few dog food brands over here, because he can be picky with his food, and often will let you know when a certain food is “the one”. I will be doing more in-depth reviews of those foods soon along with my thoughts, and of course if Bear loved it or hated it because his likes and dislikes matter.

All the Pet Munchies treats for Bear.
Don’t mind the messy carpet, I wasn’t in the mood to vacuum,

So back to our haul, I decided to pick up treats because we are off to France for a few days with Bear and I think if he must put up with train and taxi rides he deserves some enticing treats to keep him calm and occupied on our journey. There is one company that makes a lot of interesting treats and they are called Pet Munchies, now when we first came here I made sure to visit Homesense (which surprised me because Homesense is in Canada also, so this felt like familiar territory and I absolutely loved that!) we came across discounted dog treats by the brand Pet Munchies, and Bear went wild for their duck fillet treats and did every trick that he ever learned just to get more treats from us.

So of course, on our first visit to Superpet Warehouse I was excited to see that Pet Munchies makes other treats as well, and they are all a hit with Bear so I picked out their Duck Twists, Chicken Chips, Duck Fillets, and Chicken and Sweet Potato sticks. If your dog is anything like Bear who turns down biscuits, Pet Munchies have “meaty treats” that your fur baby will enjoy. I also find that Pet Munchies treats are great for training or bringing along on walks when you need to reward positive behavior, you can even cut up the treats to make them last longer. This company also makes treats for cats too! In addition we also picked up a kibble for Bear that he seemed to enjoy from sample packs that is actually made by Superpet Warehouse and has quality ingredients!

Bear’s new favourite kibble

I also picked out a wet dog food by Edgard Cooper that I’ll give to him as a treat to spice up his kibble when he’s acting bored with his food. I also bought tripe sticks and  these other chicken type treats that kinda look like prawn crackers called Chicken In Chips by Anco Naturals. So yes, that was our pet store haul, I will be reviewing these products fully in the future, so stay tuned lovely readers. Anyways I hope you liked this haul post, please feel free to subscribe if you want to see more of Bear’s adventures, or story times to reviews and recipes (for both humans and pets), to our travels across the globe etc. This is a lifestyle blog after-all and I will always strive to give you the best posts, and my honesty. Anyways have yourself an amazing day, and thank you for reading and hopefully subscribing!!!


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