I’m so excited to announce that my Fiancé is in the home-stretch of completing the school portion of Medical School, and next semester he will be a 5th .That also means that he will be finished in April, and that time is flying by even with all the hurdles life has been throwing at us. If any of you aren’t familiar wit how Medical School works you generally will have to do 20 months to two years of your basic sciences which involve your Anatomy lab, Neurosciences, Microbiology, Histology, Pharmacology to Pathology courses etc., and a lot of exams to test your knowledge and prepare you for the USMLE aka Step 1 exam. After Step 1 you’ll get to move onto your Clinical Rotations which will let you immerse yourself in the Medical Field and get to experience different cores like the surgery department or radiology etc. for another 20 months before match day places you in residency which is the goal for every Medical Student. April also marks the month when we get to leave the U.K. and I honestly will be a little sad just because I’m addicted to shopping over here and will miss having access to European clothing brands. Yes, I will miss the clothing and I’m currently stocking up! I even bought an evening dress for my cousins upcoming wedding in September, along with an evening dress for my mom to wear to the wedding that she picked out herself. I’m also hoping that my favourite store over here called Next will have more sales, so I can buy more things for future events, because I always like to buy outfits months in advance before any event because the universe is always against you when you need to find something last minute.

Anyways I will never get over the fact that life can truly be unexpected and in a few days, me, my Fiancé, and Bear will be making a family trip to France because my Fiancé is on his semester break. I’m laughing because my stay in the U.K. is technically a vacation and yet this upcoming trip to explore France is another vacation so a vacation within a vacation is a real thing in my opinion.I also want to let you all know that there may be a few days when I’m not going to be as active on WordPress just because of our upcoming trip. We will be taking our GoPro Camera with us, and my Nikon to document the entire trip, so expect some new and upcoming travel related posts! In addition to that Bear will also be making the trip with us, as we even got him a pet passport for this one trip to follow the U.K.’s strict Pet Travel Scheme policies! I also promise to dedicate articles that are in more depth to traveling with your dogs abroad and what you need to do to bring them with you, along with helpful resources because this is something I wish I had, and I’m hoping to make some of your lives a little bit easier after the stress we went through to bring Bear to the U.K. for the remainder of my Fiancé’s studies.

On an exciting note this will also be the 6th country that Bear will get to visit, and I can’t wait to go to the local boulangeries with him, for us to take him to new places to sniff, and for us to sample French wines and most likely cheese and other French delicacies if they’re not that expensive! Once again expect some new travel posts, and probably a new story-time post and of course as always please subscribe if you love this blog, or you love seeing Bear travel the world with us.

Bear And His Pet Passport



M & Bear


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