Hello everyone, welcome to 2018!! Some days I feel like I don’t have time for myself between Bear and housework alone. And on the days when I get to wash my hair when I want to, it feels like a luxury. Time management isn’t something I’m always great with, but on days when I have an extra hour to myself I love to take time to find little ways to spoil myself and unwind.For a while I kept seeing these face masks at the grocery store that seem to be popular. Every time they’re re-stocked they seem to sell out quickly. The first mask I bought was one for exfoliating and that was the charcoal mud mask, which my skin has the tendency to be a little flaky in the winter months, and I’m always looking for a good value exfoliator.

I gave this charcoal mud a chance, it went on easily and of course started to feel like it was working. You’re also supposed to cleanse your face first before rubbing this mask onto your face! I also like to apply “touch ups” using any of the excess mud to apply more evenly on my face. Now while following directions I allowed the mask to harden completely before washing it off. My first impression of the mask was that it made my skin feel cleaner, smoother, softer and a lot of the dead skin I had was taken away. For the price, and ingredients alone this mask is a pretty good deal.

With a little research I found out that this company now goes by the name 7th Heaven, and used to be called Montagne Jeunesse. I prefer the Montagne Jeunesse name more just because it sounds more posh, and if I’m having a mini spa day I want to feel luxurious asf.There are a few things that I like about this company just from reading the box and that these products are cruelty free, and meet the vegetarian standard. 7th Heaven also campaigns for a lot of environmentally friendly causes. You can feel good on the inside knowing that this company is environmentally conscious, and the masks are great for those who also love to try out fun masks made with unique ingredients like lava or manuka honey.

7thheavenfacemasks.jpg 7thhavenfacemasks.jpg 7thheavenefacemasks.jpg

You can buy a 5 sachet pamper pack for 4GBP, and 1 single mask costs 1GBP. The pamper pack is giving you one mask for free so yes, I decided to buy it and try out some of the other masks this company makes.Out of the pamper pack I’ve tried the dead sea mud mask (which I love using any product with dead sea minerals), and yesterday I tried out the argan oil mud mask. The argan oil mask is meant to cleanse and improve skin texture, which is why I decided to reach for it because lately I’ve been lacking sleep and it shows on my face. The Argan oil mask went on nicely, the smell is alright, and it left my skin feeling hydrated, and even now up to 5 hours later my skin is feeling dewy, but not greasy. I will have to try this mask out again though to see more of the results.

The pamper pack does include 3 mud masks from Argan Oil Mud, Creamy Coconut to Dead Sea Mud, and two peel off masks like Manuka Honey, and Cucumber peel off masks. The product range from this company is diverse enough that they seem to have masks for all skin issues, and skin types. I’m a fan and I can’t wait to try out the rest of the masks I have, and I will keep you updated with future reviews.



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