I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and getting ready to begin a brand-new year! I spent most of my Christmas in the kitchen to give my Fiancé a memorable dinner with turkey, stuffing, gravy, mixed vegetables, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and I even De-frosted those truffles I made! Earlier in the day I decided to make brunch with Blini that I added a touch of Scottish jam, brandy cream, whipping cream and blueberries on top, then made the typical scrambled eggs, chestnut smoked bacon etc. all the classics to start the day off magical. I can’t believe how much work goes into cooking and cleaning when it comes to dinners that involve turkey. I was so tired the next day, and I think I’ve finally recovered from all that cooking ( and why I was silent for a while on the blog-o-sphere). The food was delicious and turned out amazing since I looked up a few cooking tips from a few chefs on youtube; including Gordon Ramsay & Jaimie Oliver (They are my go to for anything food related). I am secretly trying to beat my dad’s turkey recipe, because he is the best at cooking turkey, and always receives compliments on how juicy the turkey turned out. He is my competitor in the kitchen when it comes to classic recipes.

Bear on the other hand was trying his best to be patient with all the cooking aromas around him, that I also made sure to cook the giblets for him to include in his own Christmas feast with turkey breast and carrots. He devoured his food so fast, and I may have over-indulged him with some more helpings of turkey and a bully stick. While on Christmas eve one of Bear’s gifts was a long family outing to one of his favourite parks so he could run around off leash for a few hours and make some new friends/ girlfriends. I just couldn’t resist going all out with the cooking because we’re in the U.K., and next Christmas we’ll be home. I just wanted to fill up on happy memories after the year we had, and the challenges we faced, and there’s just something comforting about cooking and eating the foods that your family makes yearly when you’re not with them.

I do want to take this time to give thanks ( and I know thanksgiving is usually reserved for that, however Bare with me) I do want to give a shout out to the entire City Of Chicago (Police, Fire department, Border patrol, Vets, Nurses, Doctors, Salvation Army, etc) and St Charles in Illinois for when we finally were evacuated from Sint Marteen you guys welcomed us, and made sure our pets were doing alright, and provided us with a lot of donations to make sure we had appropriate fall clothing, and that our pets had toys, food, and beds. There were so many kind gestures that I promise one day to pay it forward for all the kindness we received.

This is just a touristy image I took of a British mail box
Bear running around like a wild creature
Looking satisfied on this outing
Bear making new freinds
Breakfast Blini
Christmas Brunch
Turkey dinner


I also want to thank the city of Preston for allowing our Medical school to use your university until AUC is up and running again. Lot’s of hospitality, and I’m truly thankful for the extra memories of getting to travel to the U.K. and getting to visit and see the non-touristy side of England. I am just so grateful for my Fiancé to continue his studies even though the semester didn’t start off the way we thought it would. I also can’t believe how fast time is flying by, and with each day that goes by brings us closer to accomplishing our goals and bringing us back to our family, who I miss everyday.

2017 as far as years go will always be the one I won’t be able to forget. 2017 taught me that I will not always have control over what happens in my life, good things do happen even after something bad has taken place, making memories is more important than any material object because material objects can always be replaced, and they only offer short-term happiness. You don’t always need to have things perfect, and just take things one day at a time and don’t overthink into the future, focus on the now. As far as new year resolutions go, I am not the type to set resolutions instead I just want this year to have no unexpected twists, not too much traveling (asides from returning home), and to enjoy a new year full of happiness and productivity, and more adventures with Bear.

I also want to wish all of you a happy, and healthy new year, and to make 2018 the most memorable year yet! Let me know how your holidays went, and what you want to see happen in the new year for yourselves!


Xo Cheers,

M & Bear

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