Here’s another Blogmas post, who else is in the holiday mood? I’m so excited for Christmas that I’ve already started to kick off the preparations for our Christmas dinner. I love trying to make home made foods, and baked goods that I’m often trying to challenge myself in the kitchen. With previous Christmas dinners that were often held at my parent’s home, my father and I would do all the cooking, and my mom would be on clean up duty! It’s so funny how Christmas dinner can require work from your entire household when you’re hosting the dinner. Two days ago, I set my sights on making home made chocolate truffles as I’ve never worked with a lot of sweet making before, and I do love the creamy taste and texture of these chocolate delights. This recipe is excellent for the holidays, you can do so many things to flavour these, and can be the perfect gift for those special in your life, or an extra dessert to bring along to any Christmas dinner or party you’ll be attending.


At first, I wanted to make white chocolate truffles, with a dark cocoa powder exterior, but I ran into one minor complication that was easily fixed! Can you guess? My ganache ended up being too runny that it slid off the spoon I was using to mix the truffle batter. I feel with truffle making the most common issue someone might have is that their ganache is either too runny, or the truffle itself did not end up creamy enough. Well my truffles turned out plenty creamy, and will satisfy any chocolate lovers sweet tooth. I don’t find making truffles all that hard and that’s coming from someone without any previous chocolatier experience. The only thing about making these as that they can be messy, and you could end up with messy, chocolatey palms! So, make sure you do put cocoa powder on your palms to prevent the chocolate you’ll be rolling (like a meatball) from sticking to your palms and preventing you from shaping them easily. I was also so careful throughout this process because I didn’t want Bear to ingest any of the cocoa powder or chocolates I was making, so always be careful in the kitchen if you have a curious fur-baby watching you.

Anyways when my ganache was too runny I added in the rest of the chocolate I had on hand, as well as some cocoa powder. I knew my ganache was thick enough to do the job when I lifted the spoon I was using to make the mixture when the chocolate mixture thickly coated the spoon and didn’t slide off easily. I also love that this chocolate truffle recipe doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. And you guys should have seen the look on my Fiancé’s face when he tried one, he’s a fan and couldn’t stop himself from sneaking a few more. Here is the recipe and the steps, and of course Good Luck!

chocolatetrufflerecipe.jpg chocolatetrufflerecipe.jpg chocolatetrufflerecipe.jpg cocoapowder.jpg


  • 300 ml Single cream
  • 300 ml Double cream
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp honey
  •  1000g of chocolate
  • Cocoa powder



1). Start breaking your chocolate into small pieces to make it easier for the melt down process. I also added the chocolate pieces to a pot, and put it on a low heat setting on my gas burner to start melting it down, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

2). Add the double cream and single cream to a pot and slowly start to heat it up to a boil, add in the butter and honey. Try not to over boil or reduce the liquid by much. (stir often with a wooded spoon)

3). Remove cream mixture from heat and pour it over your chocolate pieces, and start stirring it (you can also put it back onto heat, but on a low setting) to get the mixture to melt and combine.

4). Remove the pot with the now melted chocolate mixture from the heat, allow it to cool before adding it to a pan, or Pyrex glass which will allow the chocolate to cool even more and put it into your fridge. I ended up leaving the mixture in the fridge overnight to set and thicken up.

5). Get out your cocoa powder, and set up your truffle rolling station! I put down aluminum foil onto my counter top, to limit the cocoa powder from ending up all over the place, and made for an easy cleanup.

6). Now you can roll out your truffles, take chunks of the mixture which should be pliable enough to form into a ball (they don’t need to be perfect, and can be in various sizes). Then roll into cocoa powder and voila!

7). This is optional, but you can also freeze your truffles, because I have limited space in my fridge and freezer, I froze truffles in batches on a flat baking dish in the freezer and when they were frozen and more solid I put them all into a freezer safe zip lock bag. And if you wish to thaw allow them 24 hours, and you can let them sit in your fridge to de-frost.


Happy Holidays From

M & Bear


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  1. Mmm. these sound so good! I really don’t ever cook at Christmas. I go to my ex-husband’s (remarried) house for Christmas Eve dinner with all his family…and then my daughter comes to me on Christmas Day and we go out to a favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner. But truffles would be good anytime!


    • That is so nice that you’re able to get along with your ex-husband who’s re-married and spend the holidays all together as a family. & it’s lovely that your daughter spends Christmas Day with you, — my parents would do Chinese on New years ! and yes, you should try them sometime <3.. definitely worth the work, and can be made ahead of time.

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