I keep seeing posts everywhere dedicated to Blogmas, and decided that today would be the day that I participate in the WordPress celebrations. I do fancy the idea of writing about things related to Christmas and the holidays, I even decided to decorate our place with a few more items because I can’t stop myself from going overboard at this point.

Today was an eventful day, I first decided to rush down to the grocery store to pick out our Turkey. There were only a few turkeys left to choose from, and a lot of people were buying groceries, so I can tell that everyone in the U.K. is practically ready to celebrate Christmas! I ended up buying a turkey that is good for 4-8 people, and counting Bear it’s just going to be the 3 of us this Christmas. I’m upset that our families can’t join us, because I love having big noisy Christmas dinners. My family is Italian, So I’m sure you can imagine just how much noise they make, along with all the hands flailing around.  I’ve also started to plan out of Christmas dinner menu and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get everything cooked that I’ve already set my mind on making. I’m even going to be attempting to make Chocolate truffles, so stay tuned for that post.

A gift for Bear
Bear’s stocking and Santa toy
The stare down
Our Christmas card collection
The decorating continues!

When I finally walked home with my grocery bag weighing me down from that turkey, a package had arrived from back home. The package contained lovely gifts from my MIL, including a special gift for Bear. Bear is so spoiled by his Grandparents on both sides of our family! I don’t even care if I sound crazy for saying that our Dog Bear has grandparents, not even ashamed one bit!

Now earlier in the day I also took Bear out for his walk, and this time he ended up doing some strong leg kick backs at our Neighbours Staffordshire Bull Terriers. They were so riled up that one of the dog’s cute red sweater it was wearing came undone. Unfortunately Bear did his kick backs on pavement and ended up ruining his back paws nails. Luckily, we were almost home, and my Fiancé and I were able to quickly wipe down Bear’s paws, clean the injured nails with alcohol wipes, and my Fiancé even applied pressure to help stop the bleeding. Bear was so good at sitting still and letting us tend to his injury, that we ended up giving him his Santa toy early. He was so happy with his gift he began to lick it, and chew on Santa’s nose. I also managed to take a few photos of Bear with his new toy, and of some of the decorating I did,and yeah that was my day, just full of holiday related errands and funny dog behaviour.

Happy Blogmas

M & Bear


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