I hope this post will not discourage anyone from creating a fashion blog, because that’s not my intention, nor is it to bash fashion bloggers, because I thoroughly enjoy reading their posts, and being inspired by their style. When I created my first wordpress blog, it was dedicated to fashion. I was inspired by Russian style, and away I went creating my blog. I remember not having a camera, or much knowledge about free photo editing websites, and I myself didn’t own a lot of designer items at the time.

I pressed on with my blog, and was able to attend two fashion weeks consecutively, as well as private shopping events, and guest blogging on a website under their fashion section. But, my life took me elsewhere and it was no longer a passion of mine to solely write about fashion and makeup, because that was only a fraction of my interests, and no longer true to who I was. In a sense I outgrew fashion blogging I suppose, even though I still look for interesting pieces, and clothing to add to my closet. Even now while I’m in the U.K. I can’t help but take advantage of the different fashion brands and buy items that will also encapsulate the memories of my European travels. (and I may throw in the odd outfit post here and there, and products I adore). To this day my instagram account also features images I took while at fashion week!

I suppose I was also turned off by the world of fashion due to the city I came from, and seeing what fashion week did to people. I loved being able to interview the designers, to see their talents on display, and ask them questions. I loved seeing their passion. However, I did not enjoy the artificial experience and nature of fashion week attendees, and that was the beginning to a series of events that lead me to quit fashion blogging.

Sunset at Mullet Beach

The other reason was moving to the Caribbean, trading in my heels for sandals that would always bring the beach back into my apartment. My Fiancé and I also adopted our first dog together, Bear. (although Bear was not my first dog, and I’ll write about her when I feel ready too) Somehow, I settled into a new life, one where I adapted to the Medical School journey, being a fur babies’ mom, and enjoying life experiences. My new blog, allows me to be more authentic,  giving me the freedom to share my life with all of you, and I hope to give you some insightful advice along the way. But, that also doesn’t mean that I have regrets from my time blogging about fashion, there were experiences I learned from. I’m currently addicted to my Nikon camera that was gifted to me by my dad who always asks questions about what photos I’ve taken, or if I brought the Nikon along. Since I’ve been to so many places in the past few months, the Nikon has been able to document all of my experiences in photographs  that I can keep forever, or use for pawprints and mint, it’s nice to be able to take photos for this blog, and have my own content!

In a way it’s funny where your life can lead you, I never could have imagined that I would quit my fashion blog. In fact it was a painful decision to make, to delete all of the work, and all of the hours I dedicated to it, and yet even as I made up my mind to pull the plug, I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities of my new blog that made me feel like it would be alright to close one chapter in my life for another. Now if you love traveling then this is the place for you, if you love pampering your dog- Me too! Hence my pet friendly section inspired by Bear that I hope you will check out and please feel free to subscribe to my blog, And at the end of the day don’t be afraid to be yourself!



M & Bear

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  1. I have on and off started blogging never really being able to pin point the one interest I would focus on. I considered fashion, writing about going all-organic, lifestyle, book reviews… But in the end, I realized I am very excited and passionate about writing! Glad to see you’re following your interests 🙂

    • Yes!! 🙂 I think it’s important to follow your interests for your blog, your truest interests.. because your passion and creativity will be able to come out more. I’m happy you also were able to figure out what your blog would be about.. it’s not an easy choice. Thank you <3

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