I have so many stories to write about involving our time in Sint Marteen, so I hope you guys are up to reading more Caribbean adventure posts! The island of Sint Marteen is divided between two nations the Dutch, and the French. The Dutch spelling of the island is: Sint Marteen, and the French spelling is: Saint Martin.

The island may not be all that big, but it does have 37 beaches to appeal to all types of travelers. If you’re into touristy beaches and want to sip coffee under a cabana there’s Orient beach, and for tourists who love watching planes take off and land there’s the infamous Maho beach that attracts a lot of visitors. One of the first hikes we set out to do on the island involved getting to a secluded beach in Anse Marcel, this was also Bear’s first hiking experience. We hiked in a group with fellow AUC students, some who also brought along their dogs!

The hike itself begins on an easy trail, that leads into the bushes and eventually up a mountain. You’ll know that you ended up at the start of the trail when you see a wooden pallet, with overgrowth from the surrounding plant life. However, there is one other way to get to the beach and that is through the “dump” (it isn’t as bad as that sounds) where you’ll be met by a rock-face to climb up and taken through an area with less bush, and scenic views of the ocean.  I would consider this hike to be a moderate challenge, and I’m not actually the type of person who goes out of their way to hike! That’s my Fiancé, and Bear who often would conspire against me each semester’s break to make me go on a hike.


We can’t take photos together
Dog party on the beach
The landscape of Anse Marcel
Scenic views


Anyways the Anse Marcel hike will make you navigate through the bush, be prepared to see a lot of rocks on the path- some rocks though are steps to lead you upwards. We saw a lot of cactus on the way, and you do have to watch yourself to not get pricked! Once you get to the higher parts of the hike, you’ll be met with stunning views. The path will lead you downwards to the secluded beach of Petites Cayes. Keep in mind this was before Hurricane Irma hit the island, and I’m not sure what the area looks like now.

Once we were on the beach Bear had his signature “puppy crazies”, where he tends to run around like a crazy creature. Usually if he is somewhere with sand, it will “set him off”, this also includes sand traps on golf courses. Now, all his running in that moment lead to him being chased by some of the other dogs, and my Fiancé had to scoop him up and into his arms since Bear looked like he wanted the game to end.  After we enjoyed the beach to ourselves, we all moved on and through rocky terrain, and to areas that once again surprised all of us by not fitting that typical Caribbean image of palm trees, but instead a more mountainous range, becoming more scenic as we continued to walk. Anse Marcel is a hike we completed a total of 3 times, and I have one more story in the works about my experience on this hike but that’s for a later post!


M & Bear


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    • I hope you do! I would love to read his adventures in Sint Marteen…I definitly will always feel as if the island was my home for the rest of my life. We were living in Cupecoy. Did you dad hike on the island ever? And there is so many things to see and do over there for sure 🙂

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