The holidays can be the most stressful time of year just because we might be faced with the problem of finding the perfect gift. One item that seems to find its way into my family’s home is the holiday panettone. This is a gift that instantly screams “re-gifted”, and who knows how many times, or for how many years the holiday panettone in question has been in circulation. So, if you are looking for gift ideas that do not include panettone, but do have a holiday theme, while remaining affordable or affixed to your own budget then keep on reading!



1). One of my favourite gifts that I received for this holiday season so far have been embroidered stockings from my parents. My name is one, so is my Fiancés, even Bear received his own personalized bone shaped stocking.  This idea is something that can be a part of your future holiday traditions, and is a memorable gift for those special to you. You can even choose to stuff the stockings with stocking stuffers, it’s up to you!

2). If someone in your life is obsessed with Christmas and holiday decorating you can always search for a unique and intricate ornament for them to include in next years holiday décor. It’s a small, but thoughtful gift. You can even include a box of homemade cookies to include, try Biscotti, or ginger snap cookies.

3). Winter times, calls for staying warm and adding to the festive decor in your house, a simple gift is finding a beautiful throw to gift someone. You can find these at discount stores.

4). This is a gift that is catered towards those with a taste for Italy, I’m Italian and my most memorable holidays would include my Italian grandparents making Pizelles aka Concelle if you are from the Molise region of Italy! So why not gift someone a pizelle maker alongside a bottle of Limoncello. (Look for Limoncello that is made with Lemons from the Amalfi region of Italy) or just a bottle of Limoncello on it’s own!

5). For those who love trying new alcohols… gift them Ice Wine, port or chocolate liqueurs.

6). Create your own gift basket by incorporating gourmet cocoa powder, a mug, chocolates and a bottle of liqueur – you can add anything, or simply look for one already made in store.

7). A gift set with various teas for those who love tea. You can even include a large teacup!

8). This idea has a few options you can gift someone a bottle of wine with a ready-made cheeseboard, or a bottle of wine with a cheeseboard that has been personalized.

9).  A robe and slipper set! You could even throw in a Bergamot scented candle.

10).  A holiday themed table cloth.


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