While we spent our time on the island of Sint Marteen, we learned a few things along the way about Caribbean life. And keep in mind a lot of these facts are tailored to life on Sint Marteen of course!

1). The first thing I learned while coming to Sint Marteen is that grocery shopping without a car was no easy feat. We would have to rely on friends or rent a vehicle for our grocery runs and stalk up on items that would need to last a month or more at a time.

2). When grocery shopping, or going into most stores it’s expected that you are the first one to say “good morning”, “good afternoon” or “goodnight” depending on the time of day. In Canada I was always used to the cashier to be the one to greet first, but it’s the other way around in SXM. Also People will find you to have good manners if you initiate by saying these things to them as you pass them while out on a walk, so don’t be afraid to say good afternoon to someone as they pass by you.

3). You can enjoy a glass of wine, or Beer anywhere you want on the island, making it easy to create a perfect picnic in a beautiful setting. Or enjoy a cold glass of Beer while at the beach.

4). Chicken bones are EVERYWHERE. And being a dog owner that is truly a frustrating challenge to deal with.

5). Water and power outages can happen frequently!

6). Cows have the right away on roads! Yes, even though this was a rare occurrence we somehow managed to run into the odd cow at least 4 times while driving around the island!

7). It’s not rare to find People who have a fear of dogs, but at the same time dogs are often allowed to accompany you into restaurants, beaches and at the local Lolo’s. Bear has been to some of the best spots on the island, and may have gotten a Kobe steak burger along the way 😉

8). Restaurants always have tasty, well thought of food. I was never disappointed with any of the food that we ate. Food is a serious business here, and you’ll notice a lot of chefs are from France and often work or own a lot of the restaurants.

9). December is the best time of year to be on the island because of the temperature! The humidity is low enough that you will not sweat as much, and the mosquitoes aren’t as bad.

10). I knew there would be mosquitoes but one thing I was never used to was being bitten by ants. I can’t even remember how many ant bites I’ve had it was just so many from both fire and carpenter ants. So be careful of where to step as bug spray does not deter them.

11). It’s easy to switch into vacation mode while living on the island, due to it’s 37 gorgeous beaches!

13). While grocery shopping you’ll notice a lot of products come from the USA, or Europe- due to the islands  European influence of being both a Dutch and French island.

14). The Dutch side of the island is known as Sint Marteen, and the French side is known as Saint Martin. And the capital of Dutch Sint Marteen is Philipsburg, and the Capitol of the French side is Marigot.

15). The Island has a diverse landscape, some areas don’t even look like what you’d imagine an island in the Caribbean to look like. Stay tuned for future posts of exploring Fort st. Louis, to Guana bay to see what I’m referring too!


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M & Bear

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    • Yes!! But It would make me laugh at times because I would swear I checked where we were walking for signs of bones.. and then there’d he be crunching something that I’d have to get from him. But definitely caused a lot of headaches and worry if he’d manage to eat them.

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