Whenever my Fiance had a semester break we would often explore Saint Martin, usually favouing the French side of the island for its beaches! But there was a historical site that I came to love that was located in Marigot (Capital of French Saint Martin), the Fort Of St.Louis. Now I know what you’re thinking, how could a historic site be your favourite place to go to when you’re on an island with numerous beaches, where palm trees are swaying in the ocean breeze?But the fort offers something different from the beach life we grew accustomed too, it has European charm, making you feel as if you’re in an entirely different place in the world. I loved being there most in the morning, there is something serene about mornings, the sunlight starts off soft, and there’s a stillness in the air as people begin to wake and go about their daily routines.

One morning we decided to spend it on top of Fort. St Louis with Bear. We wanted to beat the Caribbean heat, and enjoy being somewhere different than what the beaches could offer. Plus, these type of trips often paired well with a pit stop at Sarafinas to grab French styled pastries and iced coffees that we could take with us to eat while enjoying our surroundings. The landscape at the fort, doesn’t remind you of anything “Caribbean”, there are no palm trees up top, and the stone ruins are reminiscent of places you’d expect to see in the U.K, Sometimes it would amaze me at how diverse Saint Martins landscape could be.

Fort St. Louis was built in 1789 high up on a hill overlooking Marigot (The capital of French Saint Martin) The Fort was originally built to defend the harbor warehouses that contained Rum, Sugar,Salt and Coffee etc. It was then abandoned, and later restored in the 19th century where a battle then took place between the French and the British whom often came from the island of Anguilla to steal goods from the harbor warehouses.

One of the forts best feature is it’s panoramic views of Marigot, a view that is breathtaking to see, highlighting the beauty of the island. And, if you look a little further the fort also has a view of the island of Anguilla, a beach goers paradise, where one of my islands friend would often sail to for her work.The trek to the top is an easy walk, there is a parking lot right by it with stairs that will take you to the top. Bear often enjoyed spending his time here, where we’d let him roam freely to sniff and take in new sights and smells, something that he loves- to explore the world with his nose! We even had him wear his backpack on one occasion, where he carried two small plastic water bottles. If any of you get the chance to visit, I do suggest bringing your own food…and enjoying a picnic here, or a pastry break 😉

*All of the images were taken before Hurricane Irma, so I’m not sure what everything looks like now, however…this was definitely a magical place to be.*


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