Hello Lovelies! Bear is the type of dog who has preferences when it comes to his tug toys, you see you can’t just give him any ole toy and expect to see his little eyes fill with uncontrolled excitement! However, the moment he set his sights on the Floppy Knots Elephant toy by Kong he couldn’t contain himself. It must be something about it’s big floppy ears or it’s trunk that made it a hit. We gave Bear a command and he decided in his excitement to run through all of them! He wanted that toy so badly.

You could just see the excitement coming off of him by the amount of bum wiggles, the tail wagging and the bouncing around he did in our little apartment in Cupecoy. Let’s just say that first game of tug that followed next was a true indicator of how he’d respond to future games of tug. The Floppy Knots toy was and still is one of Bear’s favourites dog toys. We’ve had the elephant for close to 4 months now and although it no longer resembles the way it did when we first got it, with a few alterations of our own the toy can still hold up to Bear’s tug challenge. Because this toy could get Bear so crazy during his playtime it was one of the deciding factors for making it a priority toy to bring with us when we had to leave our Caribbean home, and belongings.

There was one day when we took Bear to a local park over here in the U.K and my Fiance decided to pull this toy out of his backpack while Bear was sniffing around off leash, my Fiance squeaked it and instantly Bear came running to play. The game got so intense that the toy ended up landing in some branches and Bear was jumping and barking trying to get it out of the tree’s grasp he looked so determined to get it, you know that look your dog gets on their face when they see a squirrel run up a tree? Yeah that’s the look I’m describing. Of course we finally did get his toy down for him and he was so happy to continue playing and running around.

The Floppy Knots range of toys all have internal knotted ropes inside, keeping stuffing to a minimum while satisfying your dogs love for chewing with the materials unique texture. This is something I appreciate from Kong in a dog toy for Bear will sometimes get into those moods where he needs to take his toys a part, thrash them around, or turn them into slobbery messes, and we all know how bad stuffing can be if ingested by our dogs! Not to mention the less amount of stuffing a toy has, makes for less clean up for us afterwards!

When Elephant first came home
Bear’s ecstatic here
One happy boy

Kong’s Floppy Knots dog toy range comes in two sizes Small and Large (Bear has the large sized Elephant). There are other characters in the range including a Bunny, Fox and Hippo (in addition to the Elephant.). Each toy also comes with a squeaker which can add more appeal while playing with your dog. In my opinion and from watching what Bear can do to his toys, the Floppy Knots range is not indestructible, ropes can come apart, fall off etc. Even though Elephant is slowly coming a part over time, it’s one of the tougher “plush” toys I’ve come across to date. I do hope to purchase another Floppy Knots toy in the future because of the amount of happiness it brings to Bear, and all the laughs it creates in the house. Let me know in the comments below what one of your dogs favourite toys are, or have you purchased a Floppy Knots toy yourself as ‘d love to read your comments.


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