Before my Fiance, bear and I made our way to the U.K we were able to enjoy some time at home with our family, and that time at home allowed me the opportunity to also do a little bit of shopping. I decided to look for a tote for the upcoming adventure to the U.K. Not only did Bear and I have a 9 hour flight to get through, but we also had a long train ride to endure before we could get settled in. So while I was shopping I found a professional looking tote by Madewell on sale at Nordstrom for half off. The bag matched most of my criteria: It’s leather and can protect my items from the rain, the bag is stylish, has an inside zip pocket, and had a lot of room to keep all of my stuff for the long trip ahead.

Now this tote had enough room and allowed for me to pack dog food for the train ride, bully sticks, a hydro bowl, Bears favourite toy, my passport and all of Bear’s documents, tissues, makeup,chapstick, phone, laptop and headphones! So I think it’s safe to say that I put this bag to the test! And it definitely passes when it comes to it’s storage capabilities.

Now what would improve this bag is if it had slightly longer handles, which helps if you’re wearing bulky clothing and really want to keep the bag on your shoulder with ease. I do love the look of the Madwell paint stripe tote, and it does come in three colours like camel, black and burgundy which is the one I selected since I do not have any burgundy in my closet. I do love the colour I chose, it looks so rich and pairs well with a lot of my darker fall outfits.

I also found that the bag has a fair bit of it’s own weight, which isn’t a bad thing as this bag just feels like it’s made well (get it?), and I do love that it feels like it is of good quality. However I typically opt for bags that are as light as possible because I know myself, there are days when I seem to fit my entire house into one tiny tote. The other selling points are the price, and style as this bag is an excellent find for anyone looking to get away from lugging around a carry on, and have a bag that can transition into daily use, and looks chic for the fall/winter season.


-Xo M




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