As much as I’d loveeee to say that I get to test out cool products, it’s Bear who gets to have all the fun and glory! A while ago we made a purchase that included a lot of items for our fur baby to enjoy, ranging from toys, chews and this Fosinz outdoor backpack that’s up for review!

Yes, you read that right Bear has his own backpack and he looks soooo cute when he’s wearing it. Now if you’re wondering why Bear has a backpack it’s because it is a great task, a job if you will to help keep him stimulated and put him through new and unique experiences. Plus, I love finding new ways to boost his confidence.

Backpacks have benefits:

Dog backpacks are meant to challenge our dogs, and for those dog breeds who have a lot of energy to burn, dog backpacks are just another way to help them burn off some excess energy. Of course, you’ll need to know your dogs weight and make sure not exceed the recommended weight limit that they can carry, and any weight they carry must be equally distributed within the backpack, on either side of the saddle bags.

Now let’s get to the backpacks review!

The exact backpack we ordered online from amazon is: “The Fosinz Waterproof Outdoor Dog Backpack with Reflective Side Strip Dog Saddle Pack Travel Hiking Camping in the colour Orange”. What a mouthful right? Now to be able to give this product a fair and just review we decided to put it through a challenge: Grocery shopping. Now, you see we do have a lot of grocery stores on the island we’re currently residing on, but we decided to go to one within walking distance which also happens to be accessible through the brush, and takes us onto the street. Now this way happens to be one of Bear’s favourite walks! Oh yes, Bear walks so proudly when he gets to feel the bush, and the overgrowth tickling his under belly as we walk along, stopping thousands of times for some good ol’ sniffing and territory to claim for team Bear.

The true challenge commenced for both Bear and the backpack the moment I finished grocery shopping (FYI We never leave Bear alone, my husband waited outside with him as I ran in). We loaded each side of the saddlebag with mini yogurts, a small, light, and bulky item to put the backpack through a true stress test. Now before I get into the results of what the pack endured home, I want to point out some of the good first.

One thing you will notice right away is just how light weight the backpack is, and that’s great because a pack shouldn’t make your dog feel weighed down by dead weight.The pack includes reflective trim on either side of the saddlebags, and along with our colour choice of orange that adds to better visibility jut in case we encounter some ugly weather along the way. The pack is also said to be waterproof, which means items stored in the packs saddlebags won’t get wet- however I would not trust to leave a cellphone, or an electronic device in the pack. It also allows a lot of room for breathability, it’s adjustable, and has padding for your dog’s comfort. The price point is great in comparison to the quality, and for being in my opinion a great starter pack for introducing your dog to the challenge of walking with extra weight. The product also doesn’t get dirty easily either which is an added bonus.

Bear enjoying the view at Fort St Louis overlooking Marigot, Saint Martin.

Now the cons of the pack were only present after Bear decided to test the packs durability- and how he did that was by running at his full speed into the bush with our yogurt! One of the saddlebags showed some signs of distress with the zipper. Some of the zipper’s teeth began to separate, however it was easily fixed once we ran the zipper slider back over it. Just take note and be careful with how you load the Fosinz’s saddlebags. Now a few other minor cons you’ll notice about the pack are that the top handle does feel a little cheap and so I wouldn’t trust it with lifting your pet up and over something like fast moving water etc. The saddlebags of this specific bag are not removable like some of the other packs by the same brand, in the same price range. So, for this I’m deducting a point for lack of consistency from Fosinz.

I also wouldn’t recommend relying on the “drawstring” for attaching a leash either because I feel like that can break, and does not offer enough control if you need to walk somewhere a little dangerous like on a street without sidewalks. However, the pack offers a lot of room underneath for your dog to wear their own harness.

The Verdict & Image Gallery:

Now the Fosinz pack for it’s price range is a great buy, and I do recommend it if you want to introduce your dog to a new challenge. I think it’s a great product to take on day trips and small hikes if you want your dog to carry his/her own food/ water/ poop bags etc. And, this is the important part- Bear didn’t seem to mind wearing the backpack much either, in fact he looked happy on the walk. We made sure to give him praise throughout the entirety of the trip and when we made it home we gave him a treat for completing a special task.


My overall rating is an 8/10! I hope you found this review helpful.








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