Before Hurricane Irma hit the island of Sint Marteens I had the opportunity to visit an abandoned hotel known as la Belle Creole with my friends from AUC (Other spouses of future doctors). Abandoned hotels seem to invoke thoughts of ghosts and all things that go bump in the night.

Now If you’re looking for adventure on Saint Martin’s, one that includes tattered old curtains, a large property full of buildings in ruins to explore, and an abundance of plant life that’s taking over to make you feel like you’re lost in a jungle, while a few feet away there’s three secluded beaches.. La Belle Creole might be worth a visit one day. La Belle Creole however was at one point an incredible place to stay (in my mind), even today you can still see remnants of a place that would make you feel welcomed, with hotel suits that at a time were probably luxurious and if this hotel was still operational today I can imagine it being the best place to stay on the entire island.The three beaches that also surround the property add to that sleepy, lazy and relaxed island vibe vacationers would want to experience..

Could you imagine the destination weddings that could have taken place here? La Belle Creole’s fate (and this all alleged facts passed on from word to mouth) still remains uncertain, and is still under ownership, although the hotel itself could not host not even one guest due to the state of ruin it’s in now. The Hotel was destroyed by a hurricane that hit the island and could not be re-opened due to some “alleged red tape” that included labour laws and back paying workers when the hotel also needed to be re-built (don’t quote me on this, it’s just what I heard). And, although this massive property is now a complete ruin it still attracts adventure seekers who love to day dream about what it could have been today.

Here are some of the images that I took of what the site looked like pre Irma


-Xo M

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